Red Doors!

In Feng Shui, a red door symbolizes the mouth of the home. By painting our door red (or any bright colour that stands out) chi (positive energy) is drawn to the house. It is the entry point in which abundance and opportunities find us.

The Chinese consider red to be the lucky or sacred color. Many doors are painted with a fresh coat of red just before Chinese New Year to invite good luck and happiness.

In Ireland, a red door is supposed to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.

Red Doors evidently conjure up a myriad of meanings ... Ours just means ...

The "boys" however, are not so easy!! ... actually just pet them, they're all talk!

I know y'all are waiting for my "Erin room re-do" follow up ... I am almost done, I was a little gregarious in my tackling of the settee ... it was gross!  (Truly, I had an asthma attack and disgusting things were falling out of it!) I am up for anything ... but when I tore into this I knew I was in over my head.  It has now been deposited at my upholsterers workshop!  The chandelier has been hung, Don hanging cornices for me tonight and almost done with bed linens.  I will share next week!!!  I accept defeat!!