Barbara Barry and the Beach!

There are those homes that don't really need window treatments.  But the majority do need them!  Many people stop short of "dressing" their windows for two reasons.  One, they don't really think them necessary.  Two, they tend to be a little pricey if you do them right.  Yes, I am on a custom made soap box this week.  As yesterday's post about table skirts.  Ditto window treatments.  Now, you can fudge a little, and use some ready made elements in your design if you so wish.  But there is no "one size fits all" in curtains.  

Here is a fabulous example of how Window Treatments totally transform a space.

My clients' have a fairly new home ... they have settled in but now ready to make it special.  They have three children and an extended family that gathers at their home nightly for dinner.  They don't use a formal dining space ... but this space right off the kitchen.  It is fine, it works ... but it is lacking the pizzazz they want!!  Plus, this area needed to be defined.  

Now, Mrs. wants 'casual elegance' and Mr. wants to use his art ... his daily work is in the financial world, but his passion and pleasure lie in his photography. 


Great beginnings ... a farm table, leather chairs and fantastic chandelier of metal and crystal.

Not only is this the main dining area ... but you see this area right as you enter the front door.  You will also notice that the Sliding Doors are not centered in the space.  I respect architects and builders, they know far more than me ... but I don't understand it when things aren't centered!!  Possibly a structural thing???  But, we wanted to maximize the impact and not bring attention to the problem.  So we took the whole wall as our working area, rather than just the doors.

Beach Inspiration:

This was the jumping off point for us.  Mr. took this photo of the beach on Cape Cod and through an on-line source had it enlarged and printed on artist canvas.  It is now 4 X 5 feet.  Quite a statement!  Using this color palette and feel of the beach without being too "kitchy" ...

Fabric Inspiration ... bringing in a little glam but still very "elegantly casual!" Barbara Barry Miss Saigon Silk by Kravet.


Curtains, a cornice ... keeping it "neat" but with some punch and a new rug all soften and add definition.

These are my quick shots ... we'll have some professional ones done without the monkey bars on the back porch!!  But ... even with my amateur photography you can see the beautiful transformation.  

When you are ready for window treatments, do it right ... you will not be disappointed and they will make you happy for many years!!



p.s. please visit At The Picket Fence ... a fun blog by two sisters, Vanessa and Heather.  I joined in on their Christmas Blogger Block Party featuring Doors and Porches.  They were kind enough to feature  our Red Front Door ... guarded carefully by the "boys" Byron and Cooper!  Thank you ladies!