All Wrapped Up!

Okay, I am a little OCD about Christmas wrappings.  I like all the presents under the tree to match.  I like them all wrapped in the same paper.  I take a Sharpie and put tiny letters on the back of the package indicating who they go to.  For years when our elementary aged children sold wrapping paper during the holidays I bought only one pattern ... this truly irritated them ... I didn't mind!

Last year, no more wrapping paper being sold in our home ... I also don't like cheap wrapping paper that tears while you are wrapping the present.  I couldn't find anything I wanted that didn't cost a fortune and that I liked.  So I went "natural" for the theme.  This also irritated my children!  They thought I was going to decorate with twigs and pine cones - I wouldn't have minded that either - but that wasn't what I meant!

I promptly went to Walmart and bought one large roll of brown butcher paper which is always readily available. I found the cutest little reindeer ornaments for $1.00 each!  Then to the fabric store for Turquoise Satin Ribbon.

Here's how it turned out ... and once my precious little ones tore into them I had no remorse as it all went to the recycling bin and we saved the ornaments ... haven't decided if I will use them again this year in the same manner.  But they won't go to waste!!

This year's color combo has not been chosen.  Probably because I don't have any gifts to wrap yet!!  How do you like to wrap things up??  

While I have visions of sugarplums ... how about this for a little Christmas Bling!