Ralph Lauren and the Power of Plaid

No news that Ralph Lauren is Classic ... but just take a refresher course here with me.  The four-poster bed, with Nailheads and Leather on the Headboard.  The walls are covered in plaid flannel fabric ... the chair matches.  The linens and pillows are simple, but the fabric is exquisite.  You can just look at the photo and feel how warm the bed linens are!

The sitting area at the end of the bed ...

Simple really ... not over thought.  Beautiful Chairs, table, lamps, High-boy, and some art and rugs.  Simple, but the best.  And timeless.  Sometimes I ... and I bet alot of you too, want to hurry up and fill the space.  Take your time ... keep it simple ... and buy the best you can.  Then you can move on and live!

Don and I were in London in 2008 and I took these photos at the Ralph Lauren Home store.  I love it as much today as I did then ... and probably will in twenty years.

I'd love to cocoon right here for the winter ... although it is still quite warm here in New England ... making me a little nervous!!