Oliver Gagnère ... and an Apology!

First ... I must apologize to Madeline WeinRIB ... yesterday in my post featuring some of her fabulous rugs I referred to her as Wein"rob"!  Traveling for me is a bit upsetting ... I am kind of a routine girl.  At my parents' house we have no wi-fi.  I set up office in the local Starbucks at 6:30 am to get my start on the day.  I also have a favorite table ... yesterday, someone took my table ... you can see the havoc that began to have on my day.  So, Madeline, please understand  .... I was out of sorts!!!

On to today ... it is a cloudy, blackish morning ...  this room is calling me in ...

Oliver Gagnère, Elle Decor

It is warm and bright ... full of color, but very calm ... I'm a huge fan of the orange and lavender together ... along with the art layered on the mirror. Cool gray walls, but lots of texture to make it cozy.  The room has swagger!

Hope everyone is mentally preparing for a wonderful Thanksgiving ... be safe and happy ... and most of all, Thankful!!