Erin's Room ... Before and Inspiration

I have a million things to do this week ... I am headed out of town to spend the weekend with Erin at Auburn and visit my sweet parents.  Thanksgiving is next week, I have things to do!  
But instead, I am inspired to re-decorate Erin's bedroom!!  
Do you ever just get an inspiration and you have to act on it ... well, that was my day!!  I think that happens when I should be doing something else.  My sort of procrastination I suppose!

Here is Erin's bedroom ... in transition anyway ... she left for college two years ago.  This is the leftover stuff!  I told you yesterday that "Black and White" is one of my favorite colors. Well, this bed ensemble is "Black and Cream" ... NOT one of my favorite colors!  The walls are "mushroom" ... they actually look much better in real life.  They look peachy here.

I painted the desk and chair for her room when she was six ... think it's time to move it on???  The Starfish art ... one has fallen off!  Also, will you take a look at the light fixture.  It looks like Saturn. 
 So many things to do in here!

Here's where it starts ...

Found these Curtain panels at West Elm ... light gray ... very fun and very reasonable!  Also, this
"circle" fabric at JoAnn's ... on sale of course!  Don't ever buy anything there for full price ... they always have a 50% off sale ... just be patient!

So ... cornices out of the circle fabric and the West Elm panels.  They will have to be shortened which means I will have enough for two pillow shams and a little "fun" for the settee ... see below!

Then, in place of the sweet little girl desk ... this settee. Remember when I got this over the summer at Brimfield? Well, it is going here ... covered in the circle fabric with the extra West Elm fabric on the back.  A little more sophisticated than the desk!  When Erin moves on to her own place after college, I am sure she will take it all with her!!

Now, for the fun.  This settee ... I am going to attempt to re-upholster it myself!  Check out a "how to" on My Crafty Home Life ... You will find a step by step guide on how to do a chair ... this is just a big chair ... right??  You will enjoy Linda's blog ... lots of fun and beautiful ideas!

Also, pop over to Tobi Fairley's blog and if you are so inspired enter her DIY contest!  I'll be entering the settee ... wish me luck!!

My goal is to have this room done in 3 weeks ... Look for an "After" post on Wednesday December 7. That is my self inflicted deadline.  Erin will be home on the 11th.

Now, to put together the grocery list for Thanksgiving ... I have managed to put it off all day!!