Art Walls ... I am becoming obsessed

The Home Observer Fall 2011

While we are in the room re-do mode ... Callie, almost 17, wanted a more sophisticated space.  But still  a place for a few of her special things ... here's her Art Wall ... 

Here's what makes it special ... The "C" I found at Scott's in Atlanta, the clock my mom gave her when she was born, the Audrey Hepburn photo ... well, just because it is Audrey, the Eiffel Tower picture that my mother-in-law gave me because she knows I love all things French, the photograph of the purple hydrangea ... I took this in the Claude Monet's garden at Giverny on a trip with Don, the painting of Catalina Island that I did when I was with Don on a trip in Southern California, Keep Calm and Carry On ... from Brimfield and the two tiles from a little local shop that she loved and the "manners" plaque I had found years ago.  The "little bitty" piece from a farmers market in Charleston ... three coke bottles all lined up.  She's a Coke kid ... no Pepsi served here!!!

She snagged the settee that used to be in our bedroom ... an antique from my Aunt Elise (Callie's namesake ... Callie Elise!) I had it covered in my first ever purchase of  Lee Jofa fabric ... ooooh, I love that piece, the fabric is yummy. Guess she's worth it!  It makes me smile that she has already begun her "coffee table" book collection ...  She gets a new one each year for Christmas.

Also working with a couple of clients on their own art walls ... I will be sharing those as they materialize!