Rainy Day in DC ... Winning!!

Don and I were in DC this past weekend to attend a good friend's 60th birthday! I had BIG visions of photos galore to wow you with!!  It was rainy and truthfully, kind of gross for wondering!  So life presented itself in a different manner, and as usual gave me some visuals I couldn't have imagined!   When we arrived on Friday afternoon we headed up towards Adams Morgan, where Don used to live, for a little reminiscing!  It was a grey day ... but we continued on ... and look who we met ...

Even this guy was a little sad about the weather!

Saturday we wondered under an umbrella through Georgetown and CB2 was having a "key" promotion.  You could unlock gift certificates from $10 to $1,000.00.  Well, I was game, and I don't really generally win things.  Today I did!!  I scored a $50 gift certificate!!

I have to admit I thought this was clever, not certain I'd do it ... but clever nonetheless!!  Wood blocks set up as books!

I have searched CB2 on the web before, but had never been in one of their stores.  I found it sits somewhere between IKEA and Crate and Barrel.  A fun store and some fun ideas ... I can't wait to go online and see how I want to spend my $50.00!!!

Have a Winning Weekend!!!