Family Room ... warm up!

Paint is amazing!  It is an IMMEDIATE refresher.  This family room was dark and heavy.  My client and friend, Karen, is an amazing photographer.  She has an eye for details and her photography is spot on.  But for her family room, she struggled with what to do, what will help her make the room look cozier and feel good.  Karen and her family don't watch alot of tv, but when they want to gather together for something special ... they pull down the "big screen"!

Here's her mantel BEFORE and the beautiful photo she took of her children and pets and put on canvas.

Besides paint ... Fabric! This window was longing for attention and the screen had to get off the floor!


I resisted the temptation to "style" this mantle and fireplace ... I wanted you to appreciate the simplicity of a coat of paint and the pop of the red wood stove!  Don't you feel so much calmer, and HAPPIER??

Can you believe this is the same window?  We were able to hang the screen up and out of the way ... and now the curtains add an air of warmth and sophistication ... and just plain prettier!

We are working on the final project and will show it all to you soon.  In the meantime, I wanted you to see,  how a few small changes can make such an impact!

If you are interested in Karen's photography and work ... take a look at her website