BJ ... and Interior Art

In my quest to bring original art into everyone's home ... I am so excited to bring to you this opportunity to own something beautiful, unique and .... Original!  

Four generations of beautiful women ... Here is BJ (top left) with her mother Catherine (bottom right), daughter Catherine (bottom left) and grandchildren Catie Beth and Mary Margaret ...

Born and raised in Mississippi, BJ still lives in her small town of Louisville, surrounded by art and antiques in her family’s antebellum plantation home called “The Smyth House” built in 1841.  Though influenced by her 92 year old mother, an award-winning watercolorist of botanical flowers, it is through her 50 years of experience as an interior designer of traditional and classic taste that she has cultivated her love for beautiful interiors.  Drawing and sketching rooms for clients is one of the ways BJ gives them an idea of the finished space, and you will often find them framed and hung in the finished room.  Although she is known to fly off to China or Europe to shop with clients, she is pretty much retired and works in her gardens and takes care of her 92 year old mother. 

Several months ago, Catherine (who owns an art gallery in Atlanta) asked her mom to do a few little pieces for several young collectors who wanted original works of art on a small budget.  BJ’s little paintings of bedrooms and dressing rooms from her antebellum home have been an instant success in the gallery, and she is now working on a series of paintings of more bedrooms and maybe even a few wine cellars!  An avid gardener and dog lover, you will often find one or more dogs in her paintings and when asked what makes her interiors unique…she replied in a Scarlet O’Hara Drawl, “Look for a pair of heels tossed about somewhere on the floor, or possibly in the jaws of one of my Labrador Retrievers!”

If you are interested in more of BJ's works or in buying any of these vignette paintings, go here to CatherineKelleghanGallery.