Bedroom ... Before and After

My client and her husband have a beautiful home ... but their bedroom had been neglected!  I think that happens alot.  We all are guilty of focusing more attention on the parts of our homes that everyone else sees.  But truth is, I think your bedroom is one of the first places you should take care of.  It is where you come every day to relax and renew yourself to prepare for the next day.  My Mother has always told me "if your house is not in order, how can YOU expect to be?" It's true ... when everything is unsettled around me I cannot function at my best. 

Time to refresh and renew!  The furniture is Ethan Allen and in great condition ... but sooooo heavy.  We decided to take the risk and have it painted.  We also need the window treatments to lighten up!  Everything was dark and dated. 

Before ... 

The settee below had beautiful lines, but the fabric and structure needed help!  More heavy window treatments.

Here's what a little paint and fresher fabric will do for you ... Thanks to Joe our wonderful painter and Kravet  for their scrumptious fabrics!

Don't neglect your sacred space, make it feel special!  Listen to my Mother ...  Go clean your room!!