Art ... and Jane Feigenson

One of the toughest things I do as a designer is choosing art for my clients.  It is not hard because I can't find what I like, I just consider art very personal.  There is a fear about art.  It is my opinion that art should be purchased because you love it, not because the colors match the room you are decorating and I don't believe in buying pictures just to fill a space on a wall.

I prefer originals!  And that doesn't mean you have to have a lot of money, I consider my children's paintings "originals" and I would rather have those hanging in my house than an overproduced image that you can buy in any bog box store.  

It is also an interesting adventure when a couple is deciding on art for their home.  From my own experience when Don and I are looking at art together, there are pieces he loves that I don't, and those that speak to me, but not to him.  When we find an artist or piece that we both love, it makes it even more special.

One of our favorite emerging artist's is Jane Feigenson.  She was kind enough to tell me a little about what moves her to create and show a few pieces of her work ... so I can share with you!

Jane:  I should I have known that as a young kid, I had a creative spirit when I used to play "art gallery".  I would make crayon drawings and post them up setting up a gallery.  I would invite my family to look and buy!!!  Growing up I loved to draw and would take classes at the museum schools.  I lost my way as I had and have a very active full time job in the corporate world.  I began to feel stuck and claustrophobic.  I needed balance and an outlet.  So I signed up for an art class and found my voice.

I do believe art is life.  I learn every day as I paint and create.  I play around with materials and find ways to break all the traditional rules of "art".  I wish the process were easy but for me but it is painful.  It is an organic process that takes time, and a lot of patience.  Working in abstract is like jumping into dark waters.  It is vast and scary but in the end developes into hopefully a great piece that shows my journey, my marks, and depth.

In my opinion, there really is no good or bad art.  I believe it is what the individual likes and feels when they look at a piece.  Learning about art takes time. It is like wine.  When I was a young I thought Riunite was a groovy and great wine.  Now I appreciate wines that are more.

I love when I show my work at an open studio, and watch as people look, study and connect to one of my paintings.  It is the best feeling. Connecting in life is what we all strive for and I feel so blessed when that connection happens.

Thank you Jane!  You can find out more about Jane and her art at  
Happy Monday!