Weekend DIY

Well, it wasn't a HUGE project ... but a fun one!  Last week during Hurricane Irene, we lost power for 5 days ... so we spent ALOT of time at my mother and father-in-law's house!  We showered, we chatted, we watched tv, we reminisced!    My mother-in-law, Alice, was showing us some photos of their family dog "Ringo" ... she was chatting on and on about how they could dress him up in anything and how he loved it!  I, on the other hand, noticed the retro sunburst clock on the wall!!  "Where is that" I blurted out before I caught myself and was horrified by my lack of manners.  Alice sometimes doesn't see my love of old things ... but it makes her laugh anyway!

Alice said ... "that old thing" I think it is in the basement.  So an all out search ensued and she found it!  Well, here it is in our home ... in need of a little love and updating.  We knew exactly where we wanted to hang it!  We have a little bar nook by our fireplace that is a little dark ... it was waiting for something shiny to perk it up!

Now, another thing you must know about me ... I LOVE Krylon spray paint.  Seriously, you can change the look of ANYTHING with Krylon!  I paint everything!  I'll share plenty of things over time that have been re-created by me and Krylon.

That is Emma and Helaine, by the way ... two hand painted roosters that made it home in a box under my arm from Honfleur, France!!  I don't care how trendy and "out" roosters become - or are!  They will be with me forever!


TA DA!!  It definitely brightens our little bar area!  And, another reason I love old things ... it is sentimental for Don, he grew up with it ... and ... I didn't buy it from HOME GOODS!!!!

So, now we enjoy the clock, enjoy the fun we had doing it ... goes to show there are hidden little treasures everywhere!!

Happy Monday!