Portabello Road, London

Don and I have had such fun being able to travel together ... fortunately for me, he gets to go to some really fabulous places and sometimes, if I can put all the kid and dog puzzle pieces together ... I get to tag along!  We had the opportunity to visit London not to long ago and I am totally blessed to have a husband that will tag along with me on my flea market, antique market escapades!  We LOVE France and I wasn't certain I would even like London ... but then I found Portabello Road ... it ranks right up there!  We spent the day wandering this street ... and oh, the inspirations!!

This is Don trying to convince himself that this is fun!!

You know when you are somewhere special and the sites and sounds are so much more intense than when you are doing your daily thing?  Well, this tomato-basil-mozzerella crepe was THE best thing I have ever had!!  Made for me personally on Portabello Road!  Notice the Nutella along the side ... my kids have been eating Nutella since they were itty bitty ... we call it chocolate peanut butter in our house!

At then end of Portabello Road you turn a corner and find yourself in the most beautiful section of in Notting Hill ... these doors have me soooo wishing I could peek inside!

But no, we must head back to our hotel .... not too bad of a taxi ride!

One of our most favorite places to stay in London is the Lanesborough Hotel located right at Hyde Park.

Here is a photo of the room we stayed in ... fabulously English ... warm and lovely ... Don surprised me with a bottle of champagne ... now I am spoiled and want to go back!

No matter where we travel, the sites we see and the time we have together ... we are always ready to be home ... Have a wonderful weekend!  Happy Travels!