Paris Lights

Paris holds such a special place in my heart,  Don asked me to marry him here!  We have been blessed to visit many times and have covered so much ground just wondering.  We generally have an idea of what we want to see and do while there, but we don't pack it full.  We leave time to stroll and soak in the sights ... and stop for a glass of wine and people watching every afternoon!  Paris lights up at night like no other place I have ever seen.

Le Chat Noir was made famous by the artist Steinlen during the 1800's during the Belle Epoque Era.  It was a time that truly celebrated life.  I don't believe the "new" Chat Noir is anything like it used to be ... but still fun to see.
 The Galeries LaFayette ... a Parisian shopping mall.  We have never stepped foot in this place, but at night it is beautiful.  We have always felt the street boutiques held more interest than a mall ... who knows it might be something to chat about.  Maybe we should stop in next time we visit!
 The Glass pyramid at the Louvre ...
 The ferris wheel in the Jardins de Tuileries ... one of our favorite walks day or night.

 The views from the top of the ferris wheel are spectacular ...  The Eiffel Tower twinkles!
Looking down the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe from the top of the ferris wheel ... even the traffic participates in the romance!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Hope your travels take you somewhere fun ... even if it is just to the soccer field with your kids!!