New York ... Summer in the City

Erin and Callie convinced me to drive to New York City for the day this summer ... I was game ... I just had no idea the traffic!!  Both ways ... we left at 6 am and didn't get home until 2 am ... but the middle part, summer in the City, was worth every drive minute!!  Off we went!

 Our first stop was straight to the Meat Packing District to have a Croque Madame (grilled cheese, yummy cheese, sandwich with a fried egg on top!).  Once we had breakfast we wondered a little.

 This restaurant is across the street from Pastis ... we have never eaten here, but I think we'll try it next time.  I think it is named "5 Ninth".  Look at the cute courtyard in the back!

Up the road we walked to SoHo ... to do a little shopping (on them!) and waited in a short line for DASH.  The Kardashian's have some sort of hold on the girls in our house ...  so they each bought one item just to say they did!  After that we took a taxi up to the Met for the Alexander McQueen exhibit ... we weren't allowed to take photos in the exhibit, but I am sure you can see some of them on line.  They were quite interesting.  I have to admit I didn't know Alexander McQueen was quite so "dark" ... but an incredible designer and what vision he had!

 As we strolled down Central Park East we marveled over the beautiful buildings and imagined ourselves living there!

 The Plaza Hotel holds a special place in our hearts ... we stayed there when the girls were little and they have such fond memories!

 This is where Callie fell in love with Chandeliters (her word) when she was 2 ... she has had one hanging in her bedroom every since.  It is not quite this grand!

 Erin was (and still is) infatuated with Eloise ... the thought of living in The Plaza ... and having the run of the place ... we had to stop  in and say hello.
 Then off to Bergdorf's for some fun, dreaming and lunch!  First stop ... shoe department ... I could barely drag Callie away!

 View from the BG Restaurant on the seventh floor ... magnificent!  We had the best dinner ... and pretended we do this every day :)

 I didn't snap my own photo of the restaurant, designed by one of my favorites ... Kelly Wearstler, but downloaded this one from the Bergdorf Goodman site for you to see ... It is luscious!
More views from BG ....

 We had to take this photo for my mom ... we call her BG ... she made it up ... it stands for Beautiful Grandmother.  We think she is pretty beautiful!  Inside and Out!!

 What a wonderful day ... not certain they'll be able to convince me to do a day trip again ... but I would stay over night any time!!