All the talk this season about fur ... fake or real ... it seems to be out there.  To wear it or add it in your design plan?  Don and I attended an event at one of his hotels, Aria, in Las Vegas earlier this year ... and these stools took my breath away ... couldn't you just imagine curling up on or around these by a fire on a cold winter's night?  Okay, they are too small to curl up on ... but really, they are divine!  They are made from Alpaca ... no animal was harmed!!

The tips of the trees are starting to turn ... every so slightly.  I love Summer more than anything ... but as the weather starts to shift, I find myself welcoming the cooler temperatures.  Pulling my sweaters down from the top shelf and starting to cocoon.   

And, plus ... there is AUBURN football!!  Revel in the changes of the season ...