A few words about wine ...

This morning I cracked up laughing as it was brought to my attention by my one blog follower (there may be more but wouldn't bet on it) and dear friend Vicky, that in last weeks blog I completely threw my pal Andy under the bus.  "OK I'll bite, how did I throw Andy under the bus"? She went on to point out that I had written about the importance of finding a knowledgeable wine retailer and how helpful they could be; how you should lean on them for advice and direction as they are the experts in the field and will help you navigate the rocky shoals of finding the "right" wine. Then as she started to chuckle and explained that the two wines I reviewed immediately following the article got the complete thumbs down. The more I thought about it the more I agreed with her and the more I started to laugh. By the time we hung up the phone and I re-read the blog I was howling. Those two wines were awful, but did not come my way via Andy, oops.  Oversight on my part. Retrospectively last weeks blog and review went together about as well as Snooky and Alcohol... but I sure got a laugh out of it.

So here is what we have this week, both of which came as recommendations from Andy.

Chateau Saint-Valery
St. Emilion Grand Cru 2009

Smooth as silk with a dark Ruby color and a full on Black Cherry nose with the slightest hint of spice to balance it out . This Bordeaux is simply delicious and not in the least overpowering. It drinks fabulously right now and will not bust the budget at $19.00 Chateau Saint-Valery will perfectly match up with a Grilled Hamburger or a Pork loin. For that matter have a glass at lunch with a Ham sandwich, you will not be disappointed. Easy to find and luscious, grab a bottle and enjoy.

Trapiche Broquel Malbec, 2007

Dry and well balanced this inky dark purple beauty out of Argentina tastes like Blueberry Pie with a little bit of zip and just the slightest hint of black licorice. Kim and I both loved it and for $15.00 how do you go wrong? Pop the cork on this one with a Meatloaf, sit back, relax and call the queen your aunt. Remember, anyone can buy a great bottle of wine for 100 bucks, the real trick is finding a great bottle of wine you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Life is short, enjoy the wine.