Dining Room Before and After

Yesterday we peeked into the living room and sunroom area of our house after we gutted the downstairs ... here is what the dining room looked like when we bought the house. A little frilly and not quite our style!  You can  sort of tell down in the lower left corner that a sideboard is against a wall.  This was a closed off room ... we removed that wall for a better flow and to lighten the space.

Here is what it looks like today ... still not complete, I don't think anything in my home is EVER complete!  I still would love to have some upholstered or slipped chairs for the ends of our table to lighten up all the wood ... some day!!  We also replaced the white oak floors with Hickory boards with hand scraped edges in scattered widths to give us more of the "farmhouse" feel which I am still desperately trying to achieve!!

I tend to mix styles, I happen to think it works ... it makes me happy.  The mirrored console was originally going into our formal living room (that's a whole other story) ... which quickly became a family room so the console got kicked out!!  I love it here!

My children think that moving furniture around is a sport for me ... I do it alot.  I am finally reaching peace with this room ... just let me get the slipped chairs for the ends and I might let it rest for a while!!